Sunday, 8 January 2017

Back to black!!

As you know, I am building up (again) a small collection of Sasha dolls, but this time I wanted more of a quirky look to my Sasha Crew... I have had various black dolls before throughout the years, but find that I get fed up with them easily, but then I had an idea...and the wonderful Janet Myhill Dabbs helped me put it into action....
I wanted a black Wobbler but I wanted one with longer after giving Janet my brief...she did the rest and here is Marmite ( you'll either love her or you'll hate her...)
Not content with just a black wobbler, I bought a Cora and got Janet to update her look for here is Marlow with her brother Oreo he hasn't had his hair done.....but you never know..

Saturday, 7 January 2017

Sweet Heart!

Boo (1971 Wobbler - aka a Poor Man's Toddler) decided that this year was going to be sweet free....
Well, she lasted a week before giving in.......maybe next year!