Sunday, 7 May 2017

Putting on the FRITZ...Goodwood Breakfast Club

Today Fritz went to Goodwood, a large estate in the heart of Sussex.
Goodwood is the home of Earl March and his family. Set in 12000 acres, it is home to the famous Racecourse, Motor Circuit, Aerodrome, Hotel, Farm,Golf Course  etc, you name it, it is probably there!

 My dream car...the AUDI R8 V10

This morning was the first of the Breakfast Club season.
I love cars. My dream is to own an Audi R8 V10 (top speed over 200mph!) I never will be able to own a new one as they cost approx £140,000 new, but am hoping with my pension pot one day to get a pre -owned one, but in the meantime, I just have to dribble over the ones that belong to someone else :)
I won't bore you with pages of R8 photos but I did want to share with you some photos of Kendal's old boy Fritz....he had a great time and didn't mind the funny looks he got when posing :)