Friday, 4 August 2017

Heart to Heart

Mayhem (re rooted Toddler) wanted to show you a little bit more of my Emma Bridgewater china. I have amassed so much of it that I put out pieces I like for display and change them around when the mood takes me. Well, to be honest I forget what pieces I do have :)
This is part of my 'PINK HEARTS' collection... I will just show you a little as you will get bored I am sure :) 
Mayhem was very fond of the cow creamer (this is a very rare piece and commands prices of £250 or more ) So, ask yourself would you pay that for a piece of china that is prone to getting dropped, chipped and the glaze developing 'crazing' or a Sasha.....


  1. Mayhem seems to be right at home with your pink hearts collection. Slowly making her way to that pretty, precious Cow....mooooo! We are very fond of cows here on Cow Creek and I love your pink hearts collection. So far, my favorite pattern over the lovely dots. ❤️ Xxx

  2. What a sweet photo of Mayhem playing kissy face with the cow creamer. She looks like an absolute angel, although I know with your kids looks can be deceiving. I love the pink heart pattern.

  3. Mayhem.. a perfect name for a child of yours :) What a fabulous collection of heart EB , If I was a serious collector of EB I maybe would pay for the creamer , so it's each to their own! I'm more of a dabbler with my collection it's the piece that calls to me :)

  4. I do so enjoy meeting people who collect.
    They are usually most interesting folks to talk to and I like to hear about why they were first attracted to collecting these items and when they first started, how additional new pieces are added...and finally how they display them in their homes.

    I think that I prefer the Pink Hearts style to the general Spots design (although I 'spy' a Pink Spots jug in the distance.)

    The Cow Creamer certainly looks an expensive item and I don't think that I've ever seen, or heard, of one before this.

    Great meeting little toddler Mayhem. Super name and I'm rather hoping that she lives up to this later on... though not here with this expensive EB pottery around.

  5. Love the final photo - so sweet.
    Your cow creamer is certainly special. I see it even has a lid, I can imagine in the resale market that'll be the thing to separate the....cows from the calves!!!

  6. In answer to your introductory question I'm thinking that it would definitely have to be a Sasha Doll rather than a piece of pottery for me!