Saturday, 23 September 2017

What is he up to....

PD is a Formula one Motor racing fan...and couldn't contain his excitement when the tickets to the race in Singapore arrived.....

 So he decided that as my daughter and son were going to travel over there it was just too good an adventure to miss.....


  1. And I bet your butt followed right on BEHIND his.. :)) What you not getting to go to Singapore and watch cars going round and round and round.. yawn... the track , never mind you can just stay home and watch paint dry, it would be just as entertaining.. :))
    Glad to see you have managed to escape from the dungeon.. I mean housework to put a blog on.... :) xx

  2. Aw! Bless him! How lovely is this and what a clever little tot to be able to pack his own little backpack.
    Love him in this little Gotz Matti outfit and that photo of his little bottom as he squeezes himself into that suitcase. Reminds me so of Quirky.
    (Dee, you don't know what you're missing here. The excitement, the competition, the danger, the noise, the air full of fumes....!Nothing quite like it for getting the adrenaline flowing and the fast heart beating.)

  3. Have fun PD!!! Sounds like a great time!!!! 😊 xxx

  4. Boys and cars! But I see he also took a furry companion with him.
    Have fun PD!

  5. Wow what an adventure - hope he's got his camera?