Tuesday, 30 January 2018

Bear with me......

Fritz and Casey are very excited...today is the day the little Gotzettes get a teddy!
The boys bought just one bear and hoped the little ones would share but decided it wasn't a good idea so after a lot of searching on the internet they managed to get all the toddlers a bear...all 16 of them....

The toddlers were very excited and formed a queue...

First up, are the redhead triplets, the two girls have been re rooted to have longer hair to give a nice variation of the toddlers...I adore toddlers but didn't want to have a group looking all the same ( I can't bear collections of dolls with the same hair colour just different clothes) and with so few variations of toddlers available I had to be inventive!

These group of girls are all Elke toddlers. This variation of toddler has to be the dullest of all with the very short hair so I had these two given longer length hair except for one..she is one of the very first Elke dolls her production number is early...she is the THIRD Elke made, so I couldn't bring myself to get her hair re rooted! 

Teddy the toddler (with freckles kindly applied by Shelly) wasn't happy with his tiny bear...he wanted the big one.....

Teddy has decided that this teddy is the one for him!

Many thanks to Fritz and Casey for providing the Steiff bears for all the little Gotzettes, also I must thank Ginny (Passion for Sasha) for making the denim clothing and tee shirts...what would I do without you? Also, many thanks to Alison for her hair styling skills and also to Shelly <3


  1. SIXTEEN ! SIXTEEN! well you kept that quiet! I love that you've had some restyling done on them because it will make them nicely individual.
    I see Teddy could be the new Lucas... Although even I'd want that bear instead of the tiny one! :)
    Maybe we could meet each Gotzette and find out their names and character?

    1. I can't help it Dee! I just love a toddler and before I knew it....some more moved in :) perhaps I could feature a Gotzette a month...:)

    2. Great idea! Look forward to the next sixteen months then....BUT hang on! I can't wait THAT long! The triplets could be introduced in the one post and surely there must be a set of twins along the way....although maybe not, as I have had the pleasure of teaching each individual child in a family of fourteen! (Two were in the same year class as there was only eleven months between them!)

    3. I will try and reduce the 16 months...it does seem an awful long time when you put it like that!!
      How wonderful to have taught all 14 children in the same family. My four children all had the same teacher in the primary school and also in secondary school they were all taught by MY old English teacher (before she retired) who remembered me when I went to parents evening!

  2. Wow, 16! No wonder why Fritz and Casey were looking a bit apprehensive. They were bracing themselves for a stampede! They certainly are the best dressed herd I've ever seen :-)

  3. Steve you are going to have to get a little toddler boy to join your crew...they are great fun...sometimes they don't like posing and tend to fall over due to in part badly proportioned bodies ( basically a baby size upper body put on to longer legs!) but they look great with the bigger kids....promise me you will get one for 2018...that is your mission if you choose to accept it!!

  4. I can't believe it!!! I checked on here twice yesterday and nothing NEW! Then low and behold THIS appears here this morning!
    UNBELIEVEABLE...and then I read... SIXTEEN Gotzettes AND SIXTEEN miniature Steiff Bears!!! You're certainly into MASS production here!
    (I remember getting these little Bears each year when I paid/renewed my Steiff membership and I used to add them to Chon's Christmas stocking!)

    Such excitement to start my day although I'm feeling that I won't be able to settle down to do anything much today...but a million thanks for this GREAT Sasha fix!
    I'm fast going into a 'meltdown!'

    PS. Hi Fritz. You're such a wonderful lad!

    1. Hello K! Lovely to 'see' you here! It has been a mission and a half to try and find (afford!) 16 bears I can tell you....saying that I can't believe I managed to get 16 toddlers...this time last year I didn't have any!! I would like to try and add a couple more this year if I can.
      Fritz is indeed a wonderful boy.. I am very pleased to be his new mum...he sends much love as do the others...and of course much love from me xx

  5. OH MY GOODNESS!!! How did that happen!! 16 Toddlers, what a handful for any mother ;)
    I also have a Toddler called Teddy but mine has brown hair, he's an Erik.
    It's great that the boys were able to get a teddy bear for each of the children, rather than just the one big one between them, because I could imagine there would be a lot of fighting over just the one bear! Now hopefully they'll all be happy!

  6. Hello S! I am not copying your choice of name I promise! Mine is called after one of my French Bulldog boys who had to have his eye removed last year...not that my toddler has one eye but like the dog he is named after he is naughty!! I have used so many names in the past I have decided to call some of this group of toddlers after some of my dogs past and present :) Cooper sends his love to Kara..hope she is okay and also the others in your little canine crew!

  7. The boys must have been modelling very high priced children's wear to afford so many bears! How lovely of them!
    I have never seen so many well dressed toddlers forming a queue.

  8. I just posted a “bear” story on my blog and I begin to catch up on blog reading and commenting and I come to your fantastic bear post!! It must be that great minds think alike Ronny!!! 😉

    I am amazed at your 16 toddlers——-who knew? I love how you have individualized them with freckles and hair length which give them great personality. Congratulations on your awesome find of Steiff bears. Bears and dolls just fit like hand and glove. Casey and Fritz look so handsome. A great post. ❤️ xxx

  9. I am 41 years old I received a sasha dolls when I was a little girl, barely played with it, I do not have the box, however he is gorgeous and in great shape, how can I find our more information about him?