Monday, 12 February 2018

Tough as old boots...

It looks as if somebody has just moved in to join Team Vinyl....


  1. Wow! Very Trendy indeed! Looking forward to seeing them being worn 'out and about.'

  2. We Know you are ;) Snazzy pair of boots you have their and the big ones ain't bad either..... :))

  3. The big ones are my sons' (Beano comic DM's) the little red ones are mine :)

  4. Your son has great taste! I wear the boring navy or black ones because they give great support to my weak legs and allow room for my leg brace but these Beano ones.....ooh! Never seen those. Think I'll dye my hair, buy some new Joe Brown outfits and a pair of these. Out with the dull and boring! Why should my Sashas be the only ones with fab boots?

    1. You go for it Jen! As long as you post a picture on your blog :)

  5. I love the DM's, I nearly bought a pair yesterday but they were covered in flowers! I decided against it in the end as I have so many pairs of boots!
    I have those very same little boots though, in fact I have quite a few pairs here in different colours. My dolls have footwear fetishes just as I do, it would seem!!!

  6. Oh how I love boots. I would love a floral pair for my girls and me too! ❤️ xx