Sunday, 27 October 2019

Billy No Mates Homeward bound Tour

Billy No Mates has nowhere to call home. He has just the clothes he is wearing, a backpack containing a pair of socks, an old tatty jumper and a small brown teddy bear named Hug. He is searching for a new home.
He arrives in Scotland, foot sore and weary, a band aid on his knee and blisters on his feet....
Here he is at LOCH LOMOND. Loch Lomond is the biggest freshwater lake in the UK, measuring 24 miles long and  about five miles wide.
Billy No Mates has no friends except his little  bear,  but Billy was very excited to have a photo taken next to the statue of Tom Weir, who was a great lover of the Scottish countryside, an avid climber, TV Presenter and Author.


  1. Hello Billy No Mates :) How nice that you and your teddy Hug have found your way to Scotland and enjoyed some time by Loch Lomond.
    I hope you find a friend / family before winter truly sets in so you can get some long trousers or a long pair of shorts !
    There is a home for waifs and strays up that way In Edinburgh, just keep your wits about you if you find yourself there, it can get a bit icy...... :))

  2. :) :) Poor old Billy No Mates has a long way to go before he gets a home/friends/new trousers....we don't want to spoil him do we? :)

  3. Enjoy yourself Billy - but try and find some longer socks at least!

  4. Just LOVE seeing photos of a Sasha Doll 'out and about!
    Hadn't realised that YOU were back blogging again. This has just made my day!