Tuesday, 15 August 2017

A little blue....

Continuing our series of  'How to bore the pants off of you' Pip (1968 single fringe )  and toddler Mayhem have offered to show you a little bit of my blue themed Bridgewater pottery.
My favourite is the British Isles design... I have shed loads of this design.. I just adore it! Another fav is the Love design teapot very simple but it contains, I think, one of the nicest words in the universe...Love. Wonderful thing to be loved and even nicer to give love back :)

Friday, 4 August 2017

Heart to Heart

Mayhem (re rooted Toddler) wanted to show you a little bit more of my Emma Bridgewater china. I have amassed so much of it that I put out pieces I like for display and change them around when the mood takes me. Well, to be honest I forget what pieces I do have :)
This is part of my 'PINK HEARTS' collection... I will just show you a little as you will get bored I am sure :) 
Mayhem was very fond of the cow creamer (this is a very rare piece and commands prices of £250 or more ) So, ask yourself would you pay that for a piece of china that is prone to getting dropped, chipped and the glaze developing 'crazing' or a Sasha.....