Tuesday, 30 January 2018

Bear with me......

Fritz and Casey are very excited...today is the day the little Gotzettes get a teddy!
The boys bought just one bear and hoped the little ones would share but decided it wasn't a good idea so after a lot of searching on the internet they managed to get all the toddlers a bear...all 16 of them....

The toddlers were very excited and formed a queue...

First up, are the redhead triplets, the two girls have been re rooted to have longer hair to give a nice variation of the toddlers...I adore toddlers but didn't want to have a group looking all the same ( I can't bear collections of dolls with the same hair colour just different clothes) and with so few variations of toddlers available I had to be inventive!

These group of girls are all Elke toddlers. This variation of toddler has to be the dullest of all with the very short hair so I had these two given longer length hair except for one..she is one of the very first Elke dolls her production number is early...she is the THIRD Elke made, so I couldn't bring myself to get her hair re rooted! 

Teddy the toddler (with freckles kindly applied by Shelly) wasn't happy with his tiny bear...he wanted the big one.....

Teddy has decided that this teddy is the one for him!

Many thanks to Fritz and Casey for providing the Steiff bears for all the little Gotzettes, also I must thank Ginny (Passion for Sasha) for making the denim clothing and tee shirts...what would I do without you? Also, many thanks to Alison for her hair styling skills and also to Shelly <3

Tuesday, 23 January 2018

Project 2018

Not much to report on the Project 2018 front.....although she is finding it hard to breathe at the moment!!

Sunday, 21 January 2018

Toys 'r' us....

Fritz has decided to take the role of head boy (after being head of Kendal's Sasha Brood for many years) and has enlisted the help of his friend Casey.
He and Casey have started a collection (the other kids have donated what they can) to try and provide toys for the little Gotzettes...the toddlers that live here as they don't have any thing to play with......the problem is will they have enough money to buy every one a toy?

Tuesday, 16 January 2018

Project 2018

I decided this year I would save a waif. I normally save dogs as many of you know, but saw this poor ill treated Sasha looking for a home and I just had to step in and help. I can honestly say I have never had such a poorly girl. Greening of her brows, cut hair but worst of all, she has been drawn on by her previous owner with black marker pan on her face and body and then she was abandoned in an attic for the last twenty years plus.
As well as a tube of Oxy cream she needs at least two weeks in sunny Bermuda to get those marks off, but has to make do with a few hours a day under an angle poise lamp!

Finally, I would like to wish every one a very happy and healthy TWENTY EIGHTEEN, belated I know, but I have been very poorly with this flu bug that has hit the UK.
So here is the waif I was telling you about...project 2018....