Sunday, 27 January 2019's been a LONG time!

Hello Sasha People!
It has been such a long time since I have spoken to you and much has changed since 2018.
I still collect Sasha although my interest has waned as I have been busy doing other things.
We decided to downsize and moved house last autumn as my husband's health was failing. I say 'downsize' we ended up selling our house in the South East and moved to Scotland ...and bought two :)
One for my son and daughter to share in Edinburgh and one for us,our house is an ex vicarage (known in Scotland as a Manse). The house is very quirky, was built in 1860, has five bedrooms,  and two cellars. We are in the process of converting one of the cellars into a living space. I want it to look completely different from the rest of the house and plan give it an industrial/urban look, so some of my Sasha dolls will be moving on to fund my plans for the house. I will be keeping a few as I hate to have a Sasha free life, I have tried it several times and missed it dreadfully. I have missed blogging too, so plan to bore you now and again as I find I spend FAR too much time on ebay and there is so much to discover in Scotland, so I plan to visit with a Sasha or two some of Scotland's landmarks and give you an insight into this wonderful country.